Tuesday, March 10, 2009

cutest headbands. ever.

so i've been looking (rather obsessing over) at taza's etsy site and blog. she makes the most beautiful headbands!! i really want to get on the bandwagon and make some of my own creations... maybe a trip to Joann's is in order?

check out her etsy site at:
taza & the prince

oh & the rockstar diaries...
she also has the most adorable blog with her hubby about all their adventures! it's too cute for words. (this is acutally what inspired me to start mine :D).

check out her blog at:
taza and husband


  1. really cute styles! Try www.andreasbeau.com for another source for highly unusual, beautifully made headbands and other hair ornaments. I've bought about ten from them, and
    it's like Christmas when I open the box!

  2. I am always looking for a good headband site and I think you found a winner Kate! I loved the site, it's just as pretty as the headbands on it! Thanks for the advice!

  3. well glad to know that everyone that reads my blog likes what i have to say. jesus.

  4. I just love there blog! And her headbands are so pretty.

  5. I bought two from Naomi and LOVE them. I thought about making some of my own too. They're so beautiful and you can dress them up or down. Chic.