Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All the Hill-rods come out...

when there are... 
$1 flip flops at OLD NAVY
so the adventure begins with em and i waking up at 9:30 to go to old navy. boy were there a crap ton of people there. but em and i got our fix of flip flops this summer. we figured out a strategy while waiting in line for a good 45 minutes on how to get her to work on time. that's how much we love our old navy flip flops. i took her to work in her car and picked her back up at 5... taking me home would have taken too long. that is dedication right there. :) while waiting in line we meet many walks of life and i believe someone's arm would have gotten gnawed off if i didn't give up the purple flip flops i had to a mother in need of them for her thirteen year old daughter. 
em & i at work the next day on break both wearing our flippy floppys! 


  1. DAMNIT! I knew that was going to happen but I couldn't remember what day! poop!!!!

  2. Bahahah and this is why I love you.