Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!!

So much has been going on this past week & with that this is going to be a lengthy post! First, I finished MillionTreesNYC branding with Em Beros (my great friend and designer). We will be submitting the project to The One Show. Here's a sneak peak at our tree tag design:

Second, I finished building my actual portfolio and process book!
(birch wood + danish oil + some fun hinges + sandpaper + screwposts + fire + drills + screws + love = some pretty sweet little books) I also made one for my boyfriend for VDAY! I filled it with random paper to sketch on as well.

Third, I got the best VDAY present EVER!
Jake is so talented...

Fourth, we were a bit goofy this week in Ad/Graph class.
I think The One Show competition took its toll on us...
Then after class and goofing around we went to Jeni's and McDonalds...Yum.


  1. Where was my invitation for some Jeni's and McDonalds??

  2. you can't eat mcdonalds!!! beefy oil remember!?!?!

  3. Ahahaha I LOVE THIS ENTRY. You are darling + some. High five for Jake for being supa dupa. And your portfolio looks smashing.

  4. You and your boyfriend are assholes. For being so freaking talented, and....cute. You're portfolio is hella rockin! Nice work baby (cakes).