Sunday, July 25, 2010

Home Improvements & Such

I'm constantly trying to have some sort of project on my plate have it be home or craftiness related. 
1. Ball Jar Light Pendant 
Very easy to make!
Ball Jar + Swag light kit

2. Cabinet door
I've been sick of seeing all of the random stuff on the shelves & decided it was time to change it. 
Now it's all behind this little cabinet door!
Wood + Stain + Screws + Hinges + Anthropologie Knob

3. Feather Headpiece 
This is little project was for my friend Megan to wear on her wedding day! 
It is all made out of feathers and beads.


  1. Aaaand, I am completely in love with everything. That cabinet is something special. I would be honored to store my toothbrush in it.

  2. If I weren't so afraid that I would look like some sort of loon, I would do all my lighting in jar form.
    Also, I miss being in that kitchen for delightful evenings and I STILL WANT MY CLOCK SHIRT!

  3. Can I keep some tampons in your cabinet?? Looks too cute :D Miss you!