Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cupcake Decoration 101

Last night I went to a cupcake decoration class at Franklin Park Conservatory 
with Miss Elaine and Miss Katie from work. Well we are totally pros now fyi. 
Mine are the best, obviously... 

We should open a bakery.
(more like Katie and Elaine should. I'll be their best customer.)

Combine Lucy stomping grapes and wrapping chocolates
at the candy factory. That's how I felt decorating with icing.
I had it all over me.


Krysti decorating cupcakes.


  1. That was so much fun Krysti! Omg we should do this again!!

    Haha and I felt just like Lucy as I let my icing SPLAT all over the table as she was trying to make a demonstration that I was clearly paying attention to. Such a fun night!

  2. Omg I wanna decorate cupcakes!!!

  3. Mmmmmmm....I think I'll go eat one. RIGHT NOW!

  4. Those are really pretty. The combination of pink and purple color never fails. It looks really feminine and lovely.